Wot’s All This Then?

This is a place where I’m going to chronicle my ups and downs of getting fit as a forty-something woman.  Including my love of colorful language.

(Seriously, you guys – I swear A LOT.)

For years, I’ve exercised my figurative ass off in order to be able to “eat/drink whatever I wanted.” As I’ve discovered by being at least 20 lbs overweight, that shit only works in your 20s.

“You can’t out train a bad diet. Also, put down that beer.” ~me

As someone who loves to cook and loves to eat (and drink!), this shift from burgers & fries, pizza, and eating whatever the fuck I wanted to is going to be tough. When I say “tough” – I mean it’s going to suck. Hard.

(That’s what she said?)

I’ve never had a problem with the exercise part of “diet and exercise” – I’m a runner, I do karate two times a week, I’ve done a triathlon and I love being active. The problem is that I eat like a college frat boy. And that frat boy is drunk.

I’m now going to put all this technology* I have to use and finally make myself accountable for the bad behavior and stop the denial that I’m no longer in my 20s and that being fueled by chips and wine isn’t a recipe for success. It’s a recipe for deliciousness, but also a recipe for not being able to fit my fat ass into a pair of jeans.

(The downside of working from home: you can wear lounge pants all day and not notice your butt has expanded like a rising loaf of bread. Mmm….bread.)

See what I have to deal with here? That inner frat boy is really fucking annoying and very, very persuasive. Curse you, you loud-mouthed jerk!

I’ll probably fall flat on my face more often than not and I’m sure I’ll whine like a kid in the grocery store that didn’t get the Hot Wheels car they wanted. But, every great journey starts with a single step.

Hopefully that step isn’t off a cliff. 🙂

* More on the technology I use in an upcoming post!

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