Self-Inflicted Wounds

Remember how I was all “I’m so good and Christmas was a breeze this year with regards to my diet!” earlier this week?

Yeah. Drunken Frat Boy was in full force on Christmas Eve. Here’s the start to that night of eating all the wrong things:

Oh Baileys Irish Cream, you complete me.

But it’s also full of sugar and cream and whisky. Delicious, delicious whisky.

Which then led to appetizers of the meat and cheese gift set we got from family at the first Christmas gathering. Then shrimp and angel hair pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and broccoli in a white wine sauce with a side of cheese bread. And champagne.

Dessert was cheesecake and more Baileys.

Needless to say I was hungover in both food consumption and booze consumption the next day.

Not learning my lesson from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day was spent with the hubby playing Super Mario 3D Land, shoveling the driveway, and more rich foods and wine. I made scalloped potatoes with ham* using almond milk in a butter-based roux. I added a handful of sharp cheddar to the sauce too – turned out amazing. But I’m pretty sure eating the equivalent of 2.5 potatoes in a creamy sauce for dinner isn’t the best idea.

Sure enough, stepping on my Aria scale the next morning showed I was up 4lbs from before the holidays. All in all, not bad (trying to be positive!) – but Drunken Frat Boy really made his mark. Hopefully now he’s sleeping off his hangover and will leave me be for a while.


This week I’ve been ramping up my running training in preparation for the Polar Dash 5k on New Year’s Day. I already did the packet pickup, so I got my hat already. The scariest fucking penguin hat in history:

Caption courtesy of Mel Choyce. It's fucking true.
Caption courtesy of Mel Choyce. It’s fucking true.

Perhaps I’ll run faster if I visualize that hat chasing me. Actually, most people wear that hat during the race…so they WILL be chasing me. *shudder*

Now I don’t normally run races in the winter – the last time I ran anything between October-April was the Santa Run, a fundraising event for the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis. It was only a 1k race, but you get to wear a red Santa suit and run en masse down the street. Awesome fun.

Santa Run 2008

Sadly, they don’t do that race anymore. Well, calling it a “race” is a bit of a stretch – it was more of an excuse to be ridiculous and to “warm up” at the Irish pub afterwards. 🙂

This year (well, technically *next year*), I’m running the following races in this Ortho Race Series: a couple 5k races, a 7k, a 10k, and a half marathon spread throughout 2014. The first 5k is the aforementioned Polar Dash, the 7k is the “Get Lucky” race on St. Patrick’s Day.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s in March – a.k.a. still winter in Minnesota.

I’m looking out to the forecast for New Year’s Day, and it’s not looking pretty: a high of 3F (that’s -16C) that day. That’s cold.

I think my goal for this one will be to finish. Not sure how fast I’ll be bundled up like the kid from “A Christmas Story.” 😉

Wish me luck!

* The ham was leftovers from the family Christmas – my sister wouldn’t let us leave without taking some. I had made a huge batch of homemade ham and bean soup for the freezer too.

** the post title courtesy of Aisha Tyler. You should read “Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation” – it’s hilarious. No, it’s not an affiliate link – it’s just a great book.

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