I Should Have Stayed In Bed

I had this great plan of taking a midday break to go to the gym and get a good 3+ mile run in. Help reduce stress, do something to counteract Moose and his behavior. All good things, right?

Got changed and drove to the gym. Upon arriving…



Even Picard is disappointed in you.

Sonnek, you disappoint me.

My friend E sympathized and said this was why she packed her gym bag obsessively every night (she goes to the gym at zero-dark-thirty) so that doesn’t happen. But I only take ONE THING to the gym aside from myself: my running shoes.

In the winter months, I don’t wear my running shoes to the gym because of the salt and snow. Besides, most gyms will not let you use their machines if your shoes are wet. Thus, I wear my regular shoes to the gym, then change into my running shoes in the locker room.

Besides, if it’s not winter, I’m running outside!

When I got there today and realized I didn’t have my shoes…I felt like such a bonehead. Mainly because I am a bonehead. I had grabbed my shoes, but apparently I set them on the floor when I put my coat on and neglected to pick them back up. They were sitting there mocking me when I got back home. Stupid shoes.

Here’s hoping attempt #2 after work will go more smoothly. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I used to do that all.the.time when I’d (plan to) go to the gym after work. I’d get there and realize I forgot one crucial element (socks, sports bra, shoes, whatever.)


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