Olympic Champion!

Well, no, I’m not an Olympic Champion. But I’ve been watching the Olympics like a champion! 🙂

Unhappy with the offerings here, I’ve been watching the BBC coverage of the Games. Very refreshing to be able to watch the sport competitions without being bombarded with advertisements.

Super-fit Alpine Assassins. You're goddamn right.
Biathlon: Super-fit Alpine Assassins. You’re goddamn right.

I always love watching the Olympics. Over the past decade, I’ve stopped caring what country wins the competitions – I just love a great competition. If there’s an unbelievable effort in the nordic relay by Sweden, then I’m going to cheer for them to win. Britain fighting for the gold in Women’s skeleton? I was on the edge of my seat! A Russian performs an amazing run in the halfpipe competition? Amazing!

Yes, it’s great when the USA wins – but it’s not the only thing we should focus on. It’s a global competition. We should celebrate all winners, regardless of where they’re from.

On a side note: the nordic events are SO AMAZING. Want to see people at the top of their fitness game? Watch someone do a biathlon. Fuck. These are the people to watch.


Something I can celebrate: this week I’ve been able to stick to my week 1 half marathon training plan! After I publish this, I’ll be heading to the gym to put in my 7k long run for the week. Have had a bit of soreness in my right foot/ankle over the past few days, so I’ll need to listen to my body on this run so I don’t injure myself – would be a blow to my confidence if I get some sort of foot or ankle injury at this point. It would be impossible to meet my half marathon goal if I did, so I’ll err on the side of caution.

Putting forth a more concentrated effort this week to add more vegetables to every meal. This cold, snowy weather is really making Moose restless and I’ve been heavy on the meat and carbs these past few weeks. It hasn’t resulted in any weight gains – on the contrary, my focused effort on my training plan has seen some loss in fat and gain in muscle and a few pounds lost overall. I think now is the time to start making positive impacts on the diet side of this journey now – and adding more vegetables and reducing the carbs (including wine) will be a good start.

I know I can’t do a cold-turkey change in my diet. I’ll be good for a few days to a week, then I’ll fall off the wagon and fall off HARD. Usually head first into a large pizza and beer.

Thus, making small but meaningful changes will do nothing but positive things for me. Now that I have some work travel coming up in the next few months – smack in the middle of my half marathon training – I need to get some dietary tools set in place so I don’t fall so hard when my routine is disrupted.

Wow, this was a thoughtful, serious post from me. Well, I better fix that with an animated gif of an owl!

That's right, WORK IT GURRRLLLL!
That’s right, WORK IT GURRRLLLL!

Ahhh…that’s better. 😛

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