Influencing Changes

There are a lot of things in our lives that are out of our control.

The weather.


Daylight Savings Time.

The days getting shorter in winter.

Other people.

It seems there’s a cycle of trying to control things that are out of your control, stressing out over those things, and then those things stressing you out more the next time you encounter them. You wonder why people are so miserable most of the time.

I’ll admit, I’ve raged against the machine of traffic and winter weather before. Now, I’m trying to make a conscious decision to look at things in a positive light, to not immediately go to the negative, and to try to influence others in my own way. I guess it helps that I’m in Oregon and not Minnesota where family and friends there are facing a shitstorm of a snowstorm on Monday.

Instead I have this:

Saturday, I finally convinced my husband to try Crossfit. The gym (box? place of torture?) I go to has a free “try it out” class at 8:30am every Saturday. It’s how I got a taste for and have been sticking with it the past two weeks.

I feel a huge difference in how I feel and how my clothing fits. I had weighed myself right before I started and a week from that date and I had gained 3lbs. Normally that would send me into a shame spiral, but the athlete in my said “hey dumbass, you’re gaining muscle – especially in your upper body because I don’t know if you knew this, but running doesn’t build muscle in your arms. DUH.”

Thanks Inner Athlete…although I could use a little less sass from you. 😛

Back to this weekend. About 3-4 years back, my husband went to a personal trainer twice a week and was in relatively good shape. Then, the trainer he went to quit and then he didn’t do any sort of fitness/sports/working out other than going on walks with me.

He had been complaining about “getting fat” and I had noticed that he would get winded vacuuming the house (yes, he cleans and I cook…great trade off!). I said I’d be the Guinea pig for Crossfit. I finally got him there and he discovered that he was very out of shape. It was a bit of a wakeup call for him that he needs to start taking care of his fitness. Made me very happy to hear that. 🙂

The best part about the gym I go to is that one of the two coaches is in his 50s and used to weigh almost 300 pounds. He had thyroid problems, couldn’t get off the couch without help, and had enough health problems that his heart stopped for about 5 min before they revived him. Coach Craig is living proof that you can go from sick and nearly dead to fit and healthy. The other benefit he brings is that he knows how to modify every exercise so you can do it.

Now, the hubby is all for starting Crossfit too. The way he said it was “I can’t afford not to spend the money on this to get my health back.”

That’s a change I can get behind.

What about you? What’s been your biggest challenge in change lately? What has been your biggest triumph when you wanted to make a change? I’d love to hear your stories! 🙂

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