Christmas Spirit

This Christmas is going to be a weird one.

I’m taking two weeks off and we have zero plans. Not traveling back to MN to visit family. No parties to attend. No big dinners to prepare.

Just the hubby and the cats and me.

I’m not one to put up a lot of decorations. Just a tree and a few favorite holiday/winter themed decorations around the house.

These birds are my favorite Christmas decorations.
These birds are my favorite Christmas decorations.

We don’t have any presents under the tree. My husband and I were never big gift givers anyway, but I still like having the tree up. Helps remind me – especially now that we live in a state that rarely gets snow – that Christmas is almost here.

Instead of some crazy celebration, I’m going to bake a bunch of cookies, make a fantastic antipasti tray for Christmas Eve dinner and make this recipe I found for a fancy pants wild mushroom lasagna for Christmas dinner. Is it paleo? Oh hell no – it’s pasta and cream and cheese. But I’m still going to make it and eat it.

We’ll keep up with Crossfit, just not necessarily the diet. 😉

My other “big plan” for the holiday is to watch the latest season of Doctor Who and watch a bunch of anime and movies I’ve been meaning to watch but “didn’t have enough time”. I’m also going to play video games, sleep in, and be a lazy ass.

Most of all, I’m not checking work things at all while I’m on vacation, which will be a big change. I always “checked in” and read internal posts and emails on every other vacation I’ve taken since I started here. It may also mean I won’t post on here until after I’m back to work – the temptation to read things and check notifications on here might be too strong! 😀

But, I sorely need the downtime and the full disconnect from work. Working remotely where you primarily work out of the house makes it difficult to do that sometimes. Which means I’m using the secondary account on my laptop – one that isn’t connected to any of my work things – and I’m taking email and our internal chat programs off my phone to lessen the temptation of checking in.

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, make sure you enjoy them!

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