I Suck At Relaxing

I’ve been on vacation since Friday night.

It’s Sunday night and I want to die from boredom.

It’s not that I don’t have things I could be doing. Lawd knows I have no end of video games I want to play.


There’s TV shows I want to catch up with. Movies I want to watch. Places around here I want to explore!

Instead, I’ve been surfing the internet being bored off my ass.

I even baked cookies.


YOU GUYS. I don’t like baking. Mainly because then I have to deal with the baked goods being in my house. Moose loves baked goods.

I also may or may not have had three of those cookies for lunch today.

(Spoilers: I did.)

I literally just took a shower for “something to do” to waste time until I could cook dinner.


As I referred to in my last post, I’m trying to completely be disconnected from work. The lure of work was really strong today.

“I know! I can read work stuff – that will fill this emptiness I’m feeling.”

I stopped myself before I did that. However, it did make me realize my problem: I can’t remember the last time I took a vacation where I didn’t have some sort of “project” to work on (in no particular order):

  • Moving.
  • Preparing to move.
  • Unpacking from the move.
  • Painting rooms in my house.
  • Garage construction projects.
  • Major spring cleaning.
  • Prepping vegetable gardens for the growing season.
  • Fall gardening prep for winter.
  • I lost interest in this list because: OMG BORING.

Note, that obviously doesn’t include vacations where I actually went somewhere other than my own house. But for most of my adult life, I didn’t travel anywhere. Mainly because I never felt financially secure enough to do so. Thus, my “vacations” turned into “getting shit done” marathon sessions.

Now I live in an apartment. One that we just moved into a few short months ago.

The great cleaning/purging of stuff happened well before we left Minnesota. Can’t do that.

We decided to not paint walls in the apartment. Once I got my concert prints and paintings hung, I don’t feel like anything is lacking in here design-wise. Since I love how it looks, it’s not something in my mind that’s pressing to do.

I have a pile of clutter in my office, but that’s mainly stuff we just need to haul back to our storage locker in the building. But that will take less than a half hour, start-to-finish, to complete.

I’m off for two weeks.

I really should take notes from the cats. They certainly don’t have any problems relaxing.

Let's be honest. It's an excuse to post a photo of Pixel.
Let’s be honest. It’s an excuse to post a photo of Pixel.

In my pre-shower moping, I wandered into my husband’s office and I laid on the floor and groaned. When he asked me what was wrong, I said “I’m BOOOOOOORED.” like I was a whiny five-year-old

After rattling off a number of suggestions of things I could do – to which I would reply with a grunt – he said the following that took nearly an hour to worm around in my brain and come up with a result.

What would you do if you had the time to do it?

That sonofabitch. Being all smart and stuff. Harumph.

While I took my boredom shower, I noodled it around. Then I chuckled to myself thinking “I should blog about how much I suck at relaxing!” Then it hit me.

“I should blog.”

That’s the one thing I never seem to have time to do.

Back when I worked at one of my many jobs as an administrative assistant, I had streamlined and automated my workflows for my job so much that I could hammer out all my duties for the day (unless it was the end of the month) in a few hours. I spent the rest of time reading the hundreds of RSS feeds, random internet pages, and blogging on my own site. I used to blog just about every day, and now I get a few posts out a month between this site and my other site (see sidebar for those posts).


I work for WordPress and can’t find time to use it? Ridiculous.

What I’m going to try to do while I’m on vacation is to write on my sites. Will there be any actual informative things posted? Maybe? But deep down, I’m a narrative writer – I write what’s happening to me at any given time. A snapshot of my life, as it were, so don’t expect great things. But, they will be fun to read. 🙂

I am going to clean my office up and do a little organizing, but for the most part, I’m going to try to write. I’d love to do a post every day, but I’m not going to kill myself to find a topic worthwhile enough to write about. Unless you want me to start posting pictures of my cats every day.

Nobody wants that.

Look at it this way: my boredom means you’ll have more nonsense to read. It’s like Christmas came early! 😀

More to come…

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  1. Cute cat! Don’t you dare show up at the office 😉 I’m trying to unplug from work too (though not as “strictly” as you are), and one of the things I’ve decide to do is READ all these books that I have lying around. Seriously. What with work and kiddos, I barely get any reading done, so now I’m focusing on that. Today I finished 2 books that I had started!!! So, in between blogging, maybe you can read some books, too?


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