Reflect and Resolve

It’s New Year’s Eve!


I’m of the age where I don’t go out on New Year’s Eve anymore. Too much responsibility and not wanting to be out and about on what I believe to be the biggest drunken driving night of the year. Plus, I have booze at home.

What New Year’s Eve does for me is make me pause to reflect on the past year and to resolve my plans for the upcoming year. Looking back on what I planned on doing last year, I failed miserably. Mainly because my world turned upside down with depression, we moved halfway across the country, lost my best friend, and the loneliness that goes along with starting afresh in a new city.

Lose weight! Stop drinking! Eat clean! HAH.


I’m in my 40s and I like booze and cheese, but I work out to help counteract that shit so I don’t weigh 300 pounds. I’m lucky I survived.

Speaking of weight…

I made the mistake of weighing myself today.


Let’s just say it’s a number ten pounds heavier than when I started Crossfit.

Which is BONKERS to me. BONKERS.

Why? Well, because my pants still fit. Granted, they fit a bit differently due to all the deadlifts and squats I’ve been doing. Baby got back, y’all! 😀

Admit it. You're hearing it in his voice now. You're welcome.
Admit it. You’re hearing it in his voice now. You’re welcome.

Still, the number itself bothers me. But then, have I changed one iota of my diet since starting Crossfit? Nope. Add to that the fact that you can exercise all day, but if you eat (and drink) a lot of calories, you’re not going to lose weight.

After tonight (because I have a night of cheese and bread planned…heh), I think we’ll be going back to the paleo plan we did last spring because it worked really well for us. Plus, we finally found a place around here that has gluten-free beer/cider (OK on our plan), hamburgers, and sweet potato fries.

Yes, I know it’s a burger and sweet potato fries. But we get the burger without the bun and cheese and sweet potatoes are on the paleo plan, so if we’re going to eat out, why not make a choice in fries that does fit? If we didn’t, we’d fall head first into a large pizza on those nights where I don’t want to cook. Which seems to be often lately.


In other news, it’s below freezing in Oregon.

Goddammit, I moved here to not deal with this shit again. But, at least it’s not 10 below zero like it was in MN last year. Remember the Polar Dash? Remember this day in February?

Fun fact, that was 10 inches of fresh snow and those drifts on either side of my driveway were 5′ deep at that point.

Yeahhhhh…I can’t complain too much. 😀

Happy New Year!

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