The CrossFit Jeans Curse

I’ve been doing CrossFit for a while now and while I’m getting stronger, my jeans are getting tighter – specifically in my thighs and rear end.

Jeans that used to be a little loose – well, until I ate my feelings and got too fat to fit into them – are starting to fit tighter again. Those jeans that I zipped up in triumph a mere month after starting CrossFit are now getting uncomfortable to wear because they feel like they’re sliding off my ass.


Pretty sure it's due to the wide variety of squats we do EVERY DAY either before the WOD or during the WOD that is the problem.
Pretty sure it’s due to the squats we do EVERY DAY either before the WOD or during the WOD that is the problem.

Out of the two pairs of jeans I have – the boot-cut “triumph” pair of jeans from Eddie Bauer and a pair of skinny jeans from the Gap – ironically the skinny jeans are the only ones that still fit comfortably. But, that’s because they’re a spandex/denim mix so they stretch a bit over all the developing muscle. The downside to the “skinny jeans” is that I have to wear a belt to keep them from also sliding down my ass. A belt doesn’t work with the Eddie Bauer jeans because there’s just not enough denim to contain the MUSCULAR BEAST that I’m turing into.

That means my two go-to companies to get new jeans are most likely out because the ones I had searched so hard for don’t fit me like they used to. What does an internet junkie like myself do? Of course! Search the internet!

From the list of Google search results I found, this is a VERY common problem for weightlifters and CrossFitters.

Tell me about it, bro.
Tell me about it, bro.

I found a brand of jeans called Cocabang that were specifically made for women who lift and they had a successful Kickstarter campaign to get them off the ground. At first, these jeans sold for close to $200 – most likely due to a production issue as they’re American made – but now they’re retailing for closer to $100.

Now you may scoff at paying $100 for jeans, but I normally would pay $75 for jeans at the Gap, so to pay a little more to get ones that fit might be worth it.

But, with all the traveling I’m going to be doing in March, I should probably get a pair of jeans to take with me sooner rather than later.


I hate shopping. Maybe that’s why I only own two pairs of jeans and the newest pair is 4 years old. 😐

Happy Saturday!

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  1. The struggle is real. I got a pair of Barbell Apparel jeans during their kickstarter, but guess what, they don’t fit my thighs! Still waiting on an exchange. I’ve also seen mentions of Relentless Jeans, but haven’t tried them.


    1. I’ve seen those too, but the only thing that stopped me from getting a pair was that they only came in a 33.5″ inseam – which is about 4 inches too long for my stubby little legs. STRUGGLE.


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