I’m sure you’ve heard of that site that people have been using this week to guess how old you are by uploading a photo – – and people getting excited about posting their results. “Look how young it guessed me!”

People who know me always guess me to be way younger than I really am. My entire life, my mom has also looked a lot younger and guessed to be much younger than her actual age, so I must have inherited those good genetics from her.

I thought, well I’ll give this a shot and see just how much younger I look!

The first picture I tried was the one I use for my profile picture in my Twitter account (link to my feed in the sidebar).

It guessed me to be a fifty-six year old man. O_o


The fuck?

Next, I tried a photo of my mom and I that was taken last November. The photo was taken a few days after my mom’s 75th birthday.

Want to see the guess?








Nothing like being told by a robot – when you’re already feeling shitty about how you look because you’re overweight and stressed – is that you look like you’re nearly 20 years older and a man.

THANKS. THANKS INTERNET. I’m going to crawl into a ball now.

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  1. Okay, I tried it! I uploaded 6 pictures of me taken at different stages in my life. The 3 early image results were very accurate. The 3 that were taken in the last 5 years were not. Every one of the last three provided an under-estimation of my age by more than 20 years. I think I love it. lol 😀


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