Quote of the Day

Saw this quote online this morning, and it’s a good one to start out this week.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a chance, take it.

If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised that it would be worth it.


Happy Monday!

I Should Have Stayed In Bed

I had this great plan of taking a midday break to go to the gym and get a good 3+ mile run in. Help reduce stress, do something to counteract Moose and his behavior. All good things, right?

Got changed and drove to the gym. Upon arriving…



Even Picard is disappointed in you.

Sonnek, you disappoint me.

My friend E sympathized and said this was why she packed her gym bag obsessively every night (she goes to the gym at zero-dark-thirty) so that doesn’t happen. But I only take ONE THING to the gym aside from myself: my running shoes.

In the winter months, I don’t wear my running shoes to the gym because of the salt and snow. Besides, most gyms will not let you use their machines if your shoes are wet. Thus, I wear my regular shoes to the gym, then change into my running shoes in the locker room.

Besides, if it’s not winter, I’m running outside!

When I got there today and realized I didn’t have my shoes…I felt like such a bonehead. Mainly because I am a bonehead. I had grabbed my shoes, but apparently I set them on the floor when I put my coat on and neglected to pick them back up. They were sitting there mocking me when I got back home. Stupid shoes.

Here’s hoping attempt #2 after work will go more smoothly. Fingers crossed!

The Best Laid Plans.

Well, that whole “not drinking until my birthday?” goal…that made it a whole 4 days. Thanks Moose.

You know how some people are stress eaters? I’m a stress wine drinker!


There were a few stressful days in my personal life, attending the funeral of a dear friend’s mother, and the insane cold weather all culminated in me being a bit depressed1 and weak to the pull of “let’s go out to dinner and have some wine.” Which turns into another glass of wine…

My go-to stress reliever of going for a long run is more complicated in the winter2. Instead of just being able to throw on my shoes and go out the door, I have to dress to go out in the sub-zero temperatures, drive the 10 minutes to my gym, get redressed to exercise, then meander my way to where the treadmills are in my warehouse-sized gym. Add the reverse procedure to that and my 40 minute run turns into a nearly 1.5 hours of nonsense.

If only I could buy a plane ticket to somewhere where I don’t have to bundle up in wool socks and 3 layers of clothing to feel warm. But, that’s not happening anytime soon.

My normal tendency is to really beat myself up over the slip in my goals. Like serious “you’re such a huge fucking fat failure” and “you’re worthless” kind of flogging. I think that mindset of self-loathing has fueled my struggles with my own weight my entire life and it’s a hard one to shake.

However, I have some amazing friends who tell me I’m awesome and I keep telling myself that I am not a failure and am beautiful. Even if I don’t necessarily believe it 100% yet.

Thanks, Senator Franken!
Thanks, Senator Franken!

I’m using this blog to be honest and open about things and I don’t want this to turn into a pity party where you all cheer “you’re awesome, Carolyn!” so I feel better. That’s not it at all.

I’m just writing this in the hopes that it helps someone else not hate themselves because they ate those donuts or drank those beers when they swore they wouldn’t. It’s about embracing yourself as a person – one who isn’t perfect and one who is going to fall flat on their face every once in a while. I just want to get to the point where I can just dust myself off and keep moving towards my goals without having to berate myself for falling down in the first place.

Well that got deep. Sorry about that.

I’ll be back with more fart jokes and nonsense soon. 🙂

1 – I really, really don’t like winter. I don’t know if I’m at seasonal affective disorder levels of depression about it – but man I’m sick of being cold by this time of the winter season.

2 – Despite successfully running the Polar Dash, I do not run outside unless it’s above 40F.