That Escalated Quickly

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some nonsense on this blog. I’m going to blame it on two things:

  1. My birthday.
  2. The Polar Vortex.

For some reason, I had a really difficult time with this year’s birthday. Typically, I have a hard time with the “8s” – 18, 28, 38 – they all sucked. But this year – when I turned 41 – I was in the funk to end all funks.

And not the good kind of funk:


The bad kind of funk:


Had one of those navel-gazing “wot’s this all about, then” couple of days before and after my birthday. Combine that with the Polar Vortex thinking I needed insanely cold temperatures for my birthday1, it made for a pretty unhappy Carolyn.

In the last week, I went from feeling OK to the star in “WWE’s Inner Verbal Smackdown.” How did this happen? Not sure if it was one thing or a number of things, but it sure happened fast.


When I get in that funk, I tend to burrow inward and isolate myself from anyone and everyone both physically and mentally. This time, however, I was pulled out of my isolation and forced to face my shitty outlook and deal with it. Why is it that we’re so free to give advice and support to other people, yet we can’t extend the same thoughtfulness and kindness to ourselves? Things that I say to myself in the mirror I would never say to my worst enemy, yet alone another human being.

Now that I have my bearings again, I’m starting to look forward and stay on the positive side of things. I mapped out my future half-marathon training plan (for a future post!) and am consciously working more vegetables into my diet2. Getting more exercise, even though that means going outside (brr), is also good for my well-being.

All this talk about funk makes me want to listen to some James Brown tunes now. 😀

1 A few years ago I started to have a birthday party for myself in July and called it my Half Birthday Party. Friends always wondered why I did that instead of celebrate it in January. After this year’s winter, they now understand.

2 My winter “diet” of meat and carbohydrate-based comfort foods makes me want to sit on the couch like a hermit and do nothing but eat until Spring. Not the best idea. 🙂