Carbs, Carbs, Carbs!

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Oh wait, this isn’t The Brady Bunch. Things don’t get resolved in a single half-hour episode!

Although I could go for some sweet 70s fashion right about now…



Today I had been feeling run down and I got to talking to my soul-twin Elaine. She’s big into weight lifting and has fully switched to clean eating over the past few months and is an overall badass bitch (this is a good thing). She thought I was missing some nutrients and asked me what my carb/fat/protein ratios were in what I was eating now.

I was all like “uh…I eat foods and stuffs” because I had no fucking idea. I’M NOT A ROBOT.

She ordered me to figure out what I had been eating so I started calculating my food intake for the day, and two things became glaringly obvious:

1. I wasn’t eating nearly enough calories.
2. I wasn’t eating enough fat or carbs.

The beauty of the plan I’m doing now is that I don’t have to count calories. The downside is that while I’m not hungry, I had been inadvertently been starving myself nutritionally. While I’ve been eating very well, those vegetables are really low in calories! Also, since I’m training for a half marathon, I really needed to make sure I was getting all the carbs I needed.

Thus, she gave me marching orders to consume more carbs – and good carbs! Guess I need to go to the store!

Oh sweet potatoes, how I love you so.
Oh sweet potatoes, how I love you so.

Since I was really low on my carbs today by the time I talked to Elaine, I made the call to add a pseudo diet-friendly bit of quinoa to my chicken Mexican bowls1 tonight. I say “pseudo” because it’s technically a grain, but since it’s so high in protein, the less-strict grain-free/dairy-free2 people out there say it’s “ok once a week.”

Now I need to really make sure to keep my carb/fat/protein percentages (40/30/30) in check and to make sure I eat enough calories. Blah blah blah….PROFIT!

Fun stuff!


1 – Chicken and jalapeños sautéed with a bit of chili powder and cumin served over 1/2 cup of quinoa, a bunch of halved cherry tomatoes, an entire avocado (healthy fats, y’all!) and some salsa and lime juice. Fucking delicious.

2 – the diet I’m on is based on the paleo plan, but I’m not going to be all crazy-strict about it. Plus I like butter, so I’m gonna use it.

I Got Lucky!

Today was the Get Lucky 7k race!

Start time was 9am and the temperature was a “balmy” 22F. I wore one less set of layers than I did at the Polar Dash, and it seemed to work well.

In fact, since there was little to no breeze and it was nice and sunny, I ended up taking off my outer layer and ran with just my wicking undershirt and my lightweight running shirt for more than half of the race. Ended up with a respectable time of 47:26 (10:51/mi) – not too shabby since I only ran twice this week at two miles each and had to stop to take off my outer layer.

However, my morning pre-race routine was thrown into chaos since I started my grain-free/dairy-free diet yesterday. I had to figure out at 7am what I could eat and not 1) puke and/or 2) bonk out mid-race. My typical pre-race meals have been one of the following (with coffee):

  • Peanut butter on multigrain bread.
  • Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat with brown sugar.
  • Peanut butter and banana smoothie with vanilla protein powder.

See a pattern? Grains, grains, grains1!

Instead, I ended up having a fried egg and three clementines washed down with some green tea. I didn’t have coffee because my stomach was feeling a bit upset this morning so I didn’t want to make things worse by throwing coffee at it.

Overall, I think that the egg + fruit plan was a solid one. Although in hindsight, I would have had two eggs before leaving the house, then eating the fruit 45 min before the race start time so I can take full advantage of the sugars for race time. Also, if I had been thinking clearly, I could’ve done the smoothie using almond butter – but I was tired and I didn’t feel like waking up my husband2 by running the VitaMix3 at 7am.

If I stick to this eating plan after the 30 days are up, I’ll need to really assess my fueling strategy for the half marathon in June. I’m pretty sure the Tri-Berry Gu Energy Gel packets are out since it’s nothing but a packet of pure sugar (a no-no on this plan).

I also discovered that there are only two things available at a post-race food area that I can now consume: bananas and water. The rest of it is all chips/pretzels, yogurt, candy bars, etc. Well, those two things are better for me anyway!

Back to the race – I really liked the swag they gave out:

The only downside is that I’m wearing the hoodie now and every time I look down or see myself in the mirror, I get Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” stuck in my head.

And now you do too. You’re welcome.

1 – well, technically “grains, grains, legumes!” but that didn’t sound as good. 😛

2 – he’s been sick most of the week and based upon the lack of warming tents at the last race by this organization, I thought it better he stay home and not get sicker. They have a great bag check system, so I wasn’t concerned about wrangling my stuff.

3 – it sounds like a jet engine revving up for takeoff. It’s not quiet. 🙂