I’m a Streaker!

No, not THAT kind of streaker, you pervs.

A run streaker!

I found this challenge on Runner’s World for the “Holiday Run Streak” – you run at least 1 mile per day every day starting on Thanksgiving Day and ending on New Year’s Day.


Today marks day seven of my streak! *dances*

I’m loving it so far – it’s keeping me accountable to do some activity every day. Last night after work, I was so mentally exhausted after working a longer than expected day I just wanted to sit on the couch with a glass of wine and veg out.

Instead, I said “you’re not breaking this streak, Sonnek!” and I put on my workout gear and drove to the gym to get my mile run in on the treadmill. (I don’t run in the dark.)

I’m not doing this to lose weight – I’m doing it to build a habit of daily exercise and hopefully restart my desire to train for long-distance running again.

I know it’s too late for you all to start, but start your own streak and have it end a week after New Years! It doesn’t matter when you start, just as long as you start. 😀

What The Hell Is Happening To Me?

a.k.a. “Carolyn tries CrossFit”

Between being a giant ball of stress and being a giant ball of fat, I’ve had enough. While I have been running and sticking to my distance/heart rate training goals, I’m gaining weight.

It didn’t help that last week Moose ran the show for food since my husband was out of town all week for work.

06 totinos pizza rolls

Oh, yes I did eat Pizza Rolls for dinner one night. I REGRET NOTHING.

I did the math and there was a good two and a half day stretch where I did not eat a fruit or vegetable of any kind. Well, not unless you count the tomato sauce in those pizza rolls as a vegetable or that wine used to be grape juice and that came from a fruit.

Throw in the lovely bloat that comes ever 28 days, and you could put me next to Shamu and you’d have a hard time telling us apart. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The fat jeans don’t button anymore! Argh!

Drastic times call for drastic measures. I tried CrossFit.


I know! That’s what I said too!

But I needed that kick in the pants to get me on the road to fitness again. The best shape I had been in my adult life was four years ago when I trained for a half marathon and did a bootcamp style class twice a week. Now while I’m not going to make the mistake of training for a half again, I do want to get back to running that 7-8 mile distance per run – that’s a distance that I really enjoy. Now that I live in a place where I don’t have to stop running outside between now and April, I’ll be able to keep up with the running progress I have made and improve on that distance-wise.

The other issue was the cross training aspect. Do I have access to a gym in my apartment building? Yep. Can I motivate myself to do the damn cross training and stick to it. Obviously not as I’ve used the gym a grand total of once the two and a half months we’ve been here.

I had the opportunity, but not the timing, to take an introduction to CrossFit class at the Automattic Grand meetup. I was bummed I couldn’t go, but going to the Olympic park was way more important. I found a couple of CrossFit gyms near my house and found one run by a woman who’s been doing CrossFit for over a decade. They had a free class on Saturday and I decided to try it out.

I was a skeptic for sure, but it ended up being more fun than I expected. I think that was due mainly to the fact that this one is run by some really laid back people. If it was one those crazy intense places that yelled, I would’ve been out.


The class was Saturday morning. It’s Monday afternoon and my abs still hate my face. Because the workout we did was:

100m Run
50 walking lunges
200m run
50 situps (OW OMG OWWWWW)
400m run
50 squat thingies with a medicine ball. I’m sure they have a name for them.

Tonight is the next class, so we’ll see how painful that will be. Because I don’t know if I mentioned that my abs hurt…but by the way, THEY HURT LIKE A MOTHER. I sneezed earlier and I cried.

I didn’t gain this weight in a day, so I’m not going to lose it in day either. We’ll see what happens tonight!

Onward and Upward

I decided to try a new theme on the blog. I kinda like it.

This weekend, we had a good friend of ours visit from Minneapolis. His wife is off galavanting with her friends in Europe, and we convinced him to come hang out with us for a few days. We’ve been both feeling a bit homesick, so it was awesome seeing a familiar face.

It was a lot of fun! On Friday, we took a rainy drive to the coast where we enjoyed some burritos and toured the Tillamook cheese factory. Yesterday, we took a tour of wine country and did all sorts of touristy stuff.

Side note: touring wineries (and doing wine tastings) is exhausting!

Now that we took him back to the airport this morning, we have a full day of doing nothing. Well, “nothing” in that we don’t have plans. But I have some plans of my own.

After seeing some weight creep back on the past few months and our eating habits devolving into something resembling a character in the movie Idiocracy, it’s time to hammer down.

Seeing photos of myself at my company’s Grand Meetup didn’t help either. When did I become so old and stodgy? Who’s that overweight old lady? OHMYFUCKINGGOD IT’S ME.

Thus, we’re going back to the Near-Paleo diet we had such success with. No grains, no dairy, and for the first week or so, no booze. I know I say that every other goddamn time I do these things, but I need to focus on other goals I want to do and boozing it up doesn’t help with those goals.

How can I go wrong with food like this?

The other thing I’m going back to is my exercise routine. I need to get back to running at least three times a week and I’ve only taken advantage of the fitness center in my apartment complex ONCE since we moved in over a month ago. ONCE.

I also want to make sure I’m hitting my Fitbit step goal every day. Ten thousand steps is not a huge thing to do.

Does it sound like I’m trying to bite off more than I can chew? Perhaps. But I want to tackle this. Fuck feeling sorry for myself and making excuses. Time to put up or shut up. That’s what this blog is all about, right?

Going grocery shopping today and the plan for the week is:

Monday: Run
Tuesday: Upper body strength training
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Lower body strength training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Walking with hubby

Should be doable. I’m not setting distance goals for the running as that would be a one-way ticket to Injuryville, and I don’t want to go there.

Will post an update next week to see how I did! Wish me luck!